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Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress Collection

In our experience not everybody is familiar as to what Visco Elastic Memory Foam is (often called nasa memory foam). We therefore felt it prudent to outline its properties and benefits, as shown below. Visco Elastic Memory Foam is probably the biggest revolution that has hit the bedding, orthopaedic and healthcare market since the early 1990’s. Whilst memory foam products have taken the American market by storm during the last 13 years, the UK market has only opened up to these products in the last 2/3 years in any significant commercial way. If the current rate of growth continues in the US, it is foreseeable that in the not too distant future memory foam mattresses will replace the use of traditional mattresses. From what we understand, the US market leader alone has a turnover of 300 million dollars per year. Visco Elastic Memory Foam is a by-product of NASA space technology. Originally developed to reduce the effect of G Forces on astronauts by supporting and reducing the pressures their bodies are subjected to during take off and re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. Memory foam has a unique open cell structure that reacts and responds to body heat and weight by moulding to the contours of your body, therefore optimising the support it can give you by almost eliminating all pressure points your body is usually subjected to. It is the most effective material for relieving pressure points and used in hospitals throughout the world for prevention of pressure sores and has multiple orthopaedic and other health benefits.

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Memory Foam Information

Memory foam reduces the need to toss and turn during the night by up to 80%!!! The need to toss and turn is due to the creation of pressure points and one of the most common reasons for a restless and disturbed sleep. Most people actually suffer from this. With memory foam you will probably get the best nights sleep you ever had. Anyone suffering from arthritic or rheumatic conditions, joint inflammation, skeletal diseases or disorders, neck and back problems etc. could hugely benefit by using our Memory Foam Mattresses / Memory Foam Toppers (Overlays) and Memory Foam Pillows / Memory Foam Cushions. The diagram below shows areas of the body that could be greatly benefited by using our Memory Foam Mattress / Memory Foam Overlay (Topper) and Memory Foam Pillow / Memory Foam Cushion.

1) Head: Our memory foam products can prevent or alleviate headaches, migraines, jaw ache, teeth grinding and tinnitus (Ringing in ears).

2) Neck: Correct alignment can alleviate general neck and tension pain, reduce discomfort due to vertebrae, nerve, numbness, ankylosing spondylitis (chronic inflammatory arthritis affecting spinal joints) spondyl arthropathies (like Reiters syndrome and psoriatic arthritis) pains.

3) Shoulders: Can reduce fibromyalgia (fibrositis) and frozen shoulder syndrome problems and pain.

4) Arms and Hands: Can relieve general arm and tennis elbow problems and alleviate pins and needles, numb arms and “dead hand” disorders.

5) Upper Back: Can reduce back, Kyphosis (curvature of the spine) and scoliosis pain and problems

6) Ribs and Ribcage: Correct body posture can alleviate rib and ribcage pains, enhance breathing and therefore ease respiratory problems.

7) Lower Back: Appropriate pelvic/lumbar support can greatly lessen lower back, sciatic, sacroiliac, joint, pubic symphysis, and coccygenic and nerve root pains.

8) Hips: Hip irritations and pain can be lessened by reducing pressure points. Provides excellent support after operations and during recovery.

9) Knees: Can mitigate aching knees, arthritic and cruciate ligament trouble. Provides excellent support after operations.

10) Ankles and Feet: By evenly distributing pressure our memory foam mattresses/overlays can ease and help problems due to restless leg syndrome, sore ankles and achilles tendon.

There are many more uses and benefits our Memory Foam Mattresses / Memory Foam Overlays (Toppers) and Memory Foam Pillows / Memory Foam Cushions provide.

As always with relatively new products, there seems to be a great deal of confusion about memory foam, i.e., what quality and depth to use, which density is best etc. etc.

The products generally available on the market range considerably in depth and density from around 2.5cm ( 1”) to over 12.5 cm(5”) and densities between 2lbs to over 5lbs per cft.

All these products offer the same effectiveness and benefits and proclaim that they are the best, yet they differ vastly in quality and price. As you will appreciate, this surely cannot be right and does not make sense.

After extensive research it is our clear conclusion that generally the most suitable depth of memory foam is 7 cm (2.8”) and the preferable density should be 60 kg cm3 or 4 lbs cft. This also applies to memory foam overlays for heavy and frequent use and most pillows and cushions.

Memory foam overlays for infrequent and lighter use could be sufficient with a depth of 5 cm (2”), but should still have a density of 60 kg per cm3 or 4 lbs per cft.

All our ExtraComfort Memory Foam Mattresses, ExtraComfort Memory Foam Overlays (Toppers) and our Memory Foam Pillows / Memory Foam Cushions have been produced to meet our above guidelines, they undergo the strictest quality controls and are manufactured to the highest quality only using a branded premium Restore® Visco Elastic Memory Foam.

We are not convinced that a lesser depth or density of memory foam will give you sufficient comfort and benefits.

On the other hand, we are not convinced either that it is necessary to exceed a density of 60 kg cm3 / 4 lbs cft. or a depth of 7cm (2.8”) for the following reasons:

1) We can see no apparent benefit in exceeding our guidelines other than maximizing the profits of the manufacturers, as any increase in depth and density will also (at times drastically) increase the product price (as in 6lb viscoelastic memory foam mattresses).

2) A depth beyond 7 cm (2.8”) could negatively affect your overall comfort, as you might sink too deep into the MF.

A lot of cheap MF products, mainly imported and of very poor quality are currently entering the market. Be rest assured, that if you buy an inferior or unsuitable MF product, you will be wasting your money as it will be of very little or no benefit to you. If in any doubt, please consult your GP. We do not sell products made from discount memory foam and therefore any cheap MF mattress/topper which are mass produced normally in the Far East and do not come anywhere near the standards we set ourselves.

Our products are a brand name, premium quality and are subjected to the strictest quality controls and manufactured in the UK. All of our MF products comply with British Standards BS 5852: Part 2: 1982, Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

Finally, you will often see that manufacturers and retailers alike compare their own products to “Tempur” MF products (tempurpedic memory foam mattress) . “Tempur” were the first major company to launch MF products on a commercial basis, have done and are doing very well and there can be no doubt that their products are of good quality. They are also very expensive.

Our products are equally of premium quality and substantially cheaper than Tempurs, so what is the point in continuously comparing them to Tempur?

This is an entirely negative approach to ones own products that shows a degree of uncertainty and insecurity amongst Tempur's competitors, which we fail to understand. You are either convinced of the quality of your products, or you are not.

We have the certainty and conviction that our products in terms of quality and price are the best available on the market and see no need of continuous comparisons to “Tempur”. We’ll let you be the judge of our products!

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